Thursday, 10 January 2013

What creationists should be doing.

Now i am not someone who is pro creationism, but i still feel  that those who question evolution may,to a certain extent, be helpful towards the scientific society and everyone else.

You see when creationists ask questions like "why are there still apes?" they perform little help towards the scientific communities, Since that question was pretty much answered early on, but it raises awareness in those who are not scientifically oriented.

The reason scientists do not pay attention/ ignore questions raised by creationists is , those questions are already answered but they[the answers explaining these phenomenon]  are not to be found in most sources  available to us.
 Hence creationists  are doing little of real value. and importantly one must remember scientists are better at their fields, than one who is just arguing about evolution due to any religious objections they may have towards it.
So what creationists must understand is that they have no hope of getting their theories accepted unless they follow the scientific process and create sound theories.
In science for a theory to be accepted it must under go through and critical examination. Its flaws and errors are pointed out and alternatives suggested. then only can it become a accepted theory.

Creationists  can not go about pointing out flaws in subjects they do not know well enough and then use"god did it" as an explanation for everything. If everyone just said "god did it we must leave it alone", the world would get no where. Creationists must understand that they need to make a proper theory based on facts and observations which are concrete. The disproving of one theory does not prove another.

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