Thursday, 17 April 2014

Elder scrolls lore theory

Whats really mind-blowing is that they show how Lorkhan = Akatosh in Skyrim.
Look at the statue of Talos in Whiterun. Talos is stepping on snake while pointing a sword into the snake's open mouth.

The relevance of this can be found in how the Nords use to depict all their gods as animals a long time ago. These animals were the hawk, wolf, snake, moth, owl, whale, bear, fox, and the dragon.

Lets Look at at three of these, specifically the snake, whale, and hawk. As you might remember these three animals were used on those spinning pillar puzzles in Nord ruins.
Lets also look at three of the Nords gods, specifically Shor, Kyne, and Tsun.
-Tsun is the Shield-thane of Shor, we meet Tsun in Sovengaurd were he guards thewhalebone bridge into the hall the Hall of Valor, Tsun = the whale.
-Kyne, the wife of Shor, also known as Kynareth, is the goddess of air, what better animal to represent the goddess of air but a hawk?
-Shor is the Nordic leader of the gods and husband to Kyne. Shor is also the Nodric name for Lorkhan. Furthermore Lorkhan is also known in the Redguard faith as Sep theSNAKE. Sep/Shor/Lorkhan = the snake.

Talos stepping on the snake on his statue is Talos stepping on Sep/Shor/Lorkhan, taking the place of the missing god.
Now I want you to go to The temple of the divines in Solitude and look at the shrine to Akatosh there, on said shrine we can clearly make out a dragonhead with its mouth open and a sword entering it.
Look closer however, this depiction of Akatosh has a dragon's head, and a dragons wings, BUT it does not have a dragons body, nor a dragons arms or feet, it has the body OF A SNAKE, thin and serpentine, not anywhere close to same bodies that other dragons have or that Akatosh had in Oblivion.
Does anyone else find it coincidental that a "snake", with its mouth open, and a sword entering are in BOTH Akatosh's and Talos's shrine?
I have already shown how Lorkhan = The snake, and how Akatosh's shrine is mirroring the statue of Talos with a snake having a sword shoved in its mouth. If Lorkhan = a snake, and Akatosh = a snake, then Akatosh = Lorkhan.
Akatosh = Lorkhan was also confirmed shortly after Oblivion came out by series lore-writer Michael Kirkbride, also known as MK.
 Jun 23 2006, 10:19 AM

You guessed it. The Arena is a collection of pseudo-imagos, all the way down to the core. Lorkhan is Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time is the Missing God of Change."
see how they hide stuff in plain sight?

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