Friday, 2 August 2013

The first world bubble

We may have all come across or known quite a few people who live in general isolation for most mainstream society even while being a part of it. I do not refer to those who live far away from society or are hermits i speak about those who exist with in cities and normal civilization but in a unique form of isolation.

I feel that i have come up with a relatively new concept and variety of a type of social isolation,or at least i hope i have. One could argue that this has been a feature in my family for some time.
When i speak of the first world bubble I refer to situation where individuals having perfectly normal and active social lives,do so in a circle that has nearly no contact with the other more populated ones. Allow me to elaborate. A child grows up with English as his primary tongue,or is at the least more proficient with it than with his native tongue[I shall  use my country India as the location for this.] He views English shows[made in Hollywood] he likes English movies,songs-culture etc. what makes this situation unique is the fact that he and his social circle do the exact same things and do not dip into the mainstream culture[here Indian movies,culture etc.] Unlike nobility of yore they have a near non existent connect with normal culture,which all nobility had. They usually speak English,are well off mostly and have friends who do the same. I too did fall under the first world bubble, but circumstance lead to exposure with other culture.

You see in my home state of Karnataka there is a strong socio-cultural demand to have residents who speak Kannada. This idea is quite strong with the general population of poor assuming that they are looked down upon for speaking in Kannada [this is in fact quite true but that is a different topic]. With compulsory Kannada language education in schools and a tendency to get harassed/bullied by Auto drivers,Bus drivers [vital to nearly all] you would think that they know a minimal amount of information about the Language/culture, however this is not the case. Not only do they manage to live un-harassed but they also manage to thrive

To put it simply I refer to a situation where culture despite proximity remains alien to one another,more alien to one than another. It is common enough i have encountered at least 3 to 4 examples[minimum] per level of [yearly education] education. They are not concerned or informed about the culture outside the bubble that generally consists of mainly western media/culture. The do not speak native tongues nor do they frequently have to.It is important to note that any ample supply of resources allows this to happen.They are not concerned with national politics,they do not know much about local trends,culture,slang etc.

In entirety their worlds never coincide or over lap,they mange to survive without having a clue about  the majority,which here,is quite vocal and slightly unforgiving to those who are not a part of it.

Apart from wealth and resources and and a well laid out social network,they are also quite confident and do not express fear towards any dangers that may befall them.They are also likely to be very socially active and dominant even with those who exist in the outer bubble.[Mainstream society] This is when contact is unavoidable - being in the same class, apartment etc.

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