Sunday, 15 September 2013

The influence of popular culture/ideas[regarding politics]

With the elections around the corner in India,it is quite fascinating to observe the general methods used to put forth agenda.However it is not the Propaganda of the political parties that i am focusing on but rather the information and ideas put forth and propagated by the general media.

Anyone with a little bit of knowledge would know that unlike nations like the USA Indian has parliamentary form of elections and more importantly the Prime minister is elected indirectly[I.E the representative elected locally end up selecting the PM].

You might begin to think that this is a restricted and only a locally centered/relevant topic.However there is a very interesting display of social behavior that is very much universal.

The Indian political system is structured in manner in which local issues and not national issues determine elections. I.E a villager looks to his regional concerns rather than national problems,and it is his selection of candidates that contribute to the overall nation,the role of the central leadership is irrelevant. In strict contrast to the American system.

This is not the image one would find in the Media.The Indian media portrays the elections to revolve around National issues rather than local issues which is quite wrong.What the two major national candidates Rahul Gandhi and Modi  say has little impact on the overall picture.

India has always had larger than life politicians,personality cults etc.This is reflected to a great extent. However this is not the only reason.One of the other major reasons is imitation of the general ideas used in the American system.  Some Indians do have a tendency to be over enthusiastic and   admirative of western culture.Also Indians do happen to be slightly behind at time when it come to political knowledge.

The Media has discovered that providing a image akin to the American system provides a more interesting image and it also manages to resonate with viewers.It is foolish to say that the media does not know the image they put forth is inaccurate.Anyone who has a university education in politics would see the flaw in the what has been put forth.

I am not Condemning the media,they are merely reflecting the interests of the populace. But it is quite interesting to observe how interest  and comfort with ideas allows one to over look contradictory facts. 

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