Saturday, 23 November 2013

Operation unthinkable.

One of the second world wars most overlooked area is the Eastern front and the uneasy relationship that existed before and after the war.
Before the war France and England both came close to bombing the soviet union in a attempt to dissuade them from supplying the Germans.
After the war Relations were no better. After the Allies and the Union came to hold most of Europe Churchill was not confident of the Unions intentions-And based on this fear "Operation Unthinkable" was formulated.
The Plan would have hostilities begin in July 1 1945, and would involve the Re-arming 100,000 German soldiers. The USA was expected to Bomb the Soviet union and use their Nuclear weapons should Stalin refuse to surrender. The plan was not well received by the Americans, Harry Truman would told Churchill that they would be unable to help drive the Union from Eastern Europe.

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