Saturday, 23 November 2013

Respect is fear.

What is Respect in the Truest sense?
 In my opinion it is nothing fear in the social context.

Why do you respect someone?-
You fear the repercussions should you fail to do so, i.e you fear the influence and sway he has, his status.
You are conditioned to do so- and is conditioning not based on reward and punishment?
Why do you conform with what you are conditioned to do? You fear not receiving the reward or receiving punishment.
What do you do when you respect  someone? You offer him resources,rights,concessions and treat him as a equal or superior- As one would do to some one he feared.
Does one not treat a thing he respects with care and concern, as though harm unto it would cause harm unto it would cause harm unto himself?
And how does society tell you to behave when you meet someone of importance? With respect of course.

Is the only difference the fact that respect is admired while fear is though of poorly?
Fear hinders you, stops you.
Is action also not stopped by ones respect towards existing  barriers?
Fear impediments your interaction with that which you fear.
Does respect not also unnerve?

If such is the nature of respect is it only the fact that society demands one to be,what it deems respectful that make it different from nature?

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